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• Welcome to Sadomina's Dolls •

This site is dedicated to my collection of Asian Balljointed Dolls - ABJDs/BJDs. Some years ago a friend told me about those wonderful dolls and since then I dreamed of getting one of them. I'm a big fan of Japanese Manga, Anime and especially Yaoi/Boy'slove. I always loved the beautiful men of those stories, and when I saw the first BJD, it was like one of those gorgeous guys came to life. I was doomed from the first moment I saw them! And this is how I started with those dolls. But you don't have to be a fan of Manga and Anime to fall in love with those great artworks, those dolls aren't special Anime-Dolls like those action models which come from Japan, this is just my story how it all started for me. Please have fun when browsing my site!

PS: my nickname "Sadomina" comes from times when I used to play evil mages at online RPGs like Everquest, Horizon, World of Warcraft,...
- the name has got nothing in common with diverse preferences ;)

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